Correll Legacy Heir Poll!
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I'm playing my newest legacy right now and I have a bit of a problem. All of the children are really pretty - prettiest in-game-born sims ever for me so i'm struggling to choose an heir! Not to mention there are 10 children in total!!

However due to the founder being so close to elderhood i've narrowed it down to the oldest four - because even if I gave him the elixir the youngest two still will be children - or maybe just into their teen years. So i'm only counting those who are teens now - plus the oldest is 2 sim days from being an adult!

And so, because of all that, even though I haven't been posting this legacy I would very much like it if you would help me by voting for who you think should be heir! To vote just comment below with your favourite!

Oswald Correll (that's him with his younger brother Donald I think. He has different hair now but he's still the same)
Knowledge/nothing yet
LTW: Max all skills
Turn ons: unemployed, underwear
Turn off: hardworker
dating: Sharlene Royce(black hair) and flirting with Noelle Dennis(blonde hair)

Daisy Correll
Family/Grilled Cheese
LTW: Graduate three kids from college
Turn ons: swimwear, hats
Turn off: red hair
Dating: Gary Walton(blonde hair)

Clarabelle Correll
Popularity/Grilled Cheese(I rolled the girls second asp twice... they all got grilled cheese both times)
Become Captain Hero
Turn ons: make-up, creativity
Turn off: stink
Dating: Alec Greaves(red hair)

Minnie Correll
Family/Grilled Cheese
Marry off six kids (like her parents - she's my favourite though but yeah)
Turn ons: underwear, grey hair
Turn off: glasses
Dating: Keith Inada(blonde hair)

Whoever guesses the naming theme can get updates on their favourite if they so wish - or just family photos of this crazy family lol.
Note for those who like using genetics: their dad has the darkest skin tone, their mother one of the lightest and their mum has red hair and their dad brown.

Please vote by commenting below!


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